Local airlines mentioned in UK league table of delays

9th August 2018

Local airlines Blue Islands and Aurigny have made their way on to a league table of delays from UK airports.

Aurigny was the 6th worst, with passengers experiencing an average wait of 20.1 minutes.

Blue Islands was a bit better, tied with Ryan Air in 24th place, with an average delay of 15.6 minutes.

The survey appeared in the ‘i’ newspaper, after a survey was conducted in 2017 on airlines with more than 2,000 flights out of the UK.

Aurigny says the delays were caused by severe weather disruption and diversions.

A spokesman for the airline said it could cancel flights at the first sight of disruption to reduce its average disruption time, but that would go against its ‘community airline’ ethos.

Poor visibility continues to be a problem for Aurigny, and the airline says this is one of the reasons it has signed a letter of intent to take on new aircraft with ‘fog busting technology’.

Blue Islands did not respond to a request for comment.

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