Local project welcomes wildlife back to Belle Greve

10th February 2019

An environmental initiative, aiming to restore areas of coastal grassland around Belle Greve Bay, is underway.

The Pollinator Project was the winner of last year’s Insurance Cooperation Conservation Award, and has since set up the East Coast Restoration Project.

The newest project sees the organisation in partnership with the States to encourage native species back to the land.

Coordinator, Vanessa Crispini-Adams, says it should bring more colour to the coast:

‘At the moment it’s part of the States amenity grassland, so it’s quite a monoculture of amenity grasses. 

‘What we’re hoping to do is take it back a few stages to how it would have been originally, with things like bird’s foot trefoil, self-heal and clovers.

‘It’ll look very much the same, albeit there should be more flowers in it.

The Project is also encouraging islanders to carry out a similar scheme in their own gardens:

‘We’ve all got patches of lawn and it’s something that everybody could do in their own corner of their garden, just letting part of it turn a little bit wilder.

‘That will support things like the butterflies.

‘A lot of the animals that need plants and berries etc to survive – there’s just not enough of them.

‘That’s one of the key things that they’re finding may cause the decline in bees and butterflies.’

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