Man in Guernsey takes on ‘Everest of open water swimming’

13th July 2018

A swimmer in Guernsey is planning to cross the English Channel, next week.

Glen Knudsen is hoping to complete the twenty-one mile swim in less than seventeen hours – crossing some of the busiest shipping lanes in Europe.

Glen spoke to IslandFM:

‘I started training for it in December 2016, so have been training for about 20 months so far. A lot of people that do channel swims tend to do their winter training in the pool, but I stuck to the sea the whole time and used my wetsuits. It was pretty harsh! It toughened me up and now that it looks like we’re getting conditions, it makes me think it’s going to go well for me.

I aim to complete it in between 13 and 17 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the tide when you get to the French coast. If you get there half an hour later than the optimum time to land it can push you around and push you out to sea and you can add on another three hours. If it goes that way for me, all I need to do is shut up and swim!

Glen is raising money for Hope for Guernsey, which is the local fundraising branch for Wessex Medical Research:

‘It’s about cancer of the cervix, and the scientists are coming up with a way to make the body recognise the cancer cells when they enter the body, and for the bidy’s immune system to fight the disease rather than having to rely on chemotherapy and surgery. It sounds simple, but apparently it’s not!’

You can sponsor Glen here.

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