Marriage Applications Now Open

2nd May 2017
Gay Couple Waiting Excited For Wedding Ceremony (Sky News)

Gay Couple Waiting Excited For Wedding Ceremony (Sky News)

Same sex couples can legally apply to get married in Guernsey from today.

Deputies in the States of Guernsey overwhelming approved the law last week, after negotiating a number of legislative hurdles over recent years.

Any LGBT couples wanting to marry can register with the Greffe.

The first weddings will be able to take place from Thursday 4th May – but it’s not yet known who will be the first to tie the know in the island.

Campaigner and Vice-Chair of Liberate, Ellie Jones, is delighted to have got the legislation through government, but she says there is still more work to do:

“There’s still a lot for Liberate to do across the Channel Islands. We want to improve rights for couples who have children and many other things.”

The equality charity wants to find out if you’re planning to get married – and so do we!

Feel free to write us an email to, tweet us, Facebook us or call the office on 01481 242000.

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