Memorial To Remember RGLI Infantry

15th April 2018

A memorial service, organised by the Royal British Legion, will be held at the Sunken Gardens this morning.

The short service, which will be conducted by the Dean of Guernsey, will remember the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, and the courage and sacrifice of the men who fought in the Battle of Lys.

At the culmination of the service, a memorial to all men who served the RGLI will be unveiled, thanks to the RGLI Charitable Trust.

Chairman of the trustees, Chris Oliver, hopes the memorial will help us remember those who fought.

“It’s extremely important that we remember the RGLI and the contribution, not only of what the men on this island did, but the serious social effects that the loss of so many Guernseymen in such a small community had.

“Not just at the time when they were lost, but for generations afterwards. It wouldn’t be until around the 1930s that Guernsey began to see economic recovery.”

The service starts at 11:30.

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