Mill Street shops could benefit from Market Street changes

6th December 2018

Shops in Mill Street could benefit from planned changes to Market Street.

The plans, which aim to make the area safer for everyone and more accessible for those with disabilities, have been announced recently.

They will include the relocation of two accessible bays outside the Co-Op, the narrowing of the entrance to Market Street to limit vehicular access to the area.

The bus stop in Le Bordage will also be moved up the road to allow for the unloading bay to be extended in place of the one at the top end of the Market Building.

St Peter Port Constable, Dennis Le Moignan, hopes pedestrianising the area will encourage visitors and locals to carry on up to Mill Street:

‘If you are a visitor and you’re in Market Square and you’re looking up Market Street and see just traffic there, it’s not an encouragement.

‘Why go up what looks like a busy traffic area? 

‘But if you can see pedestrians and perhaps al fresco dining along Market Street and leading up there, it might encourage people to go up and hopefully pull people up into Mill Street.’

Mr Le Moignan is also calling for further works to be carried out throughout Town, to make St Peter Port more accessible for disabled islanders and visitors:

‘The cobbles in the High Street aren’t the best for disabled persons.

‘I’ve been temporarily disabled myself because I have a hip problem and have been using a stick to walk and I have noticed the difference even like that and it’s opened by eyes, although I can walk, to how uncomfortable it is!’

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