MSG Donates Clinical Beds For Use In Tanzania

21st March 2018

The Medical Specialist Group has donated seven clinical beds to the Tumaini Fund.

The beds are no longer required by the MSG, and will go to Tanzania, for use in hospitals.

The charity is currently collecting and storing various items, which will be shipped to Tanzania, and the Committee for Health and Social Care offered to take the beds from the MSG to the storage unit.

MSG Deputy Chief Executive, Jon Lenfestey, says:

‘We have recently upgraded some of the beds in our consulting rooms with newer versions and it seemed a waste to just scrap the old ones, which are still in good condition. We therefore contacted Dr Susan Wilson from the Tumaini Fund, to whom we have donated various other items of medical equipment in the past, and she said they would be very useful for the healthcare work that they support in Tanzania.

HSC have a number of large trucks for moving items around their various sites and they very kindly agreed to lend us one of those to transport the beds. Some of the beds are metal and some are wooden and they are quite heavy and cumbersome, but with the help of a few willing sets of hands and muscles, we got there in the end.’ 

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