MSG Publishes Positive Survey Results

19th June 2017

msgThe Medical Specialist Group has received more positive feedback following its most recent patient survey. The annual survey offers insight into the public’s experiences with the secondary healthcare service.

459 patients took part in the third annual survey, which is a rise of 11 people from 2016.

You can read the main findings below:

  • 89% rated the MSG services as very good or excellent (it was 86% last year)
  • 93% of patients felt that the length of time it took to receive their appointment was acceptable, while 7% felt that it took too long
  • 100% found the communication from the MSG about their appointment was clear and easy to understand
  • 100% found the waiting areas pleasant, comfortable and appropriate (although one or two pointed out that it can sometimes get hot in the summer months)
  • 68% of appointments were on time
  • 98% felt that the amount of time the consultant spent with them was about right, while 8 people felt their appointment was too brief and one person felt theirs was too long
  • 9% felt that parking was a problem at the MSG premises

The Chief Executive of the MSG, Debbie Guillou, released the following statement:

“We are very pleased that analysis of this year’s feedback has shown that high satisfaction levels have been maintained. We put patients at the centre of any decisions we take and so their input is essential in helping us to identify any areas where improvements might be made.”

“This year’s survey showed that a similar percentage of appointments were on time (68% in 2017, 70% in 2016), although the waiting times were longer than we would like in a couple of departments and this is an area for us to address in the coming months.”

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