Muratti Players Can’t Register For Sylvans & Rovers

17th February 2017
(Credit: Adrian Topley Photography)

(Credit: Adrian Topley Photography)

The Ormer FC ladies who wanted to sign for Rovers and Sylvans so they can play in the Womens’ Muratti will not be registered by either club.

The Guernsey FA says if they want to play in the inter insular they can sign with the Guernsey Ladies Football Club instead.

The GFA says that solution is being put to all of the senior female players who want to play in the Muratti to see if the fixture can be saved.

There had been hopes the Muratti might have been saved by Ormer FC – who had confirmed 26 of their players had agreed to sign for local clubs.

The Jersey FA had said they would only agree to stage the match if it was all sorted out by today.

GFAGary Roberts, Chief Executive of the Guernsey FA, said:

“It is important to re-iterate that over the past year the GFA has led a number of meetings with player representatives to discuss proposals for senior women’s football and also advising them of the Inter-Insular Football Trophy rules. During those meetings, the player representatives made clear that they understood their position with regard being ineligible for Muratti selection based on their current registration position and it is important that this point be emphasised”.

Equally it is important that there is an understanding that the comparisons with Guernsey FC are unfounded. Guernsey FC are affiliated to the GFA and therefore the players are eligible for inter insular matches in accordance with the competition rules.”

To highlight the collective approach being taken between the GFA and the member clubs, Nigel Gallienne (President, UCF Sylvans) and Paul Porter (President, Guernsey Rovers) jointly said:

“Guernsey Rovers and UCF Sylvans are fully supportive of all Guernsey affiliated Football and in particular representative competitions at Inter Insular level.”

Ormer FC have confirmed they are likely to make a statement later.

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