New Entity To Run Local Football Leagues

23rd August 2016

A new group has been formed to help run local football leagues and cups in Guernsey.

The GFA has created the Guernsey Football League Management LBG to look after local clubs.

The entity was formerly a sub-committee of the association – and after talks between various representatives a formal agreement has been made.

The group will be chaired by four directors and an administrator:

  • Nick Graham – Chairman
  • Andy Robert – Company Secretary
  • Paul De La Mare – Treasurer
  • Glyn Smith – GFA Liaison Officer
  • Chris Lihou – League Administrator

Chairman, Nick Graham says:

“Following a challenging 2015/16 Season the team on the former League Management Committee recognised that certain key improvements should be made to assist in running the Guernsey Football League & Cups efficiently and effectively. Key to achieving this is ensuring more autonomy, by becoming formally structured with the aim of working much closer with the individual football clubs.

The clubs are supportive of this strategy and the GFA have demonstrated their support from the outset with excellent conversations and meetings during the planning stage with CEO Gary Roberts, Chairman Chris Schofield and other Board Members.

Gary Roberts and his team at the GFA have been extremely positive during this process, providing invaluable support and practical guidance to ensure, as far as possible, a joined up approach to make this transitional project a success.”

The GFA’s Chief Executive Officer, Gary Roberts, says:

“Five years ago the GFA, with guidance from the Football Association and in conjunction with the local clubs, established a sub-committee known as ‘the League Management Committee’ to enable clubs to continue administering competitive affiliated football. This decision allowed the GFA to focus on delivering its mandate under Football Association guidelines.

The time is now right for that sub-committee to become a fully-fledged autonomous entity in its own right, providing some clarity and allowing clubs to fund and administer the local club game. The GFA is pleased and committed to providing initial and ongoing support to Guernsey Football League Management, whilst retaining responsibility for its own cup competitions. This change to the local affiliated football structure allows GFA to focus on further delivering on its core aims – player development, coach development, safeguarding and welfare, governance and club support, which are the priority delivery areas within the mandate to ‘develop football for everyone.”

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