New ferry offers Guernsey-Alderney day trips

12th July 2018

The Little Ferry Company intends to start services between Guernsey and Alderney at the end of this week.

The company’s website had been suffering some technical glitches, but we’re told these have been fixed and the site is now ready for use.

Bruno Kay-Mouat, the Managing Director of Alderney Shipping, says its a great opportunity for Guernsey people to get to know Alderney:

‘The Spike Islander is the vessel we’ll be operating. It’s a 12-seater. We’re looking to do two rotations a day from Alderney to Guernsey and back again, for about 11 weeks as a trial. It’s a community project and we’re working with the States of Alderney and other ship operators, and collectively we’re going to make it work. 

The service we’re operating aims to increase the amount of people travelling to and from Alderney. Not to compete with other operators. It’s just to supplement it and make Guernsey people more aware of Alderney. It’s a beautiful island, the people are friendly and a lot of Guernsey people haven’t been there. I think it’ll give them a chance to experience Alderney, and then they’ll want to keep going back.’

The company is due to launch tomorrow.

You can find more information and book tickets here.

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