Airport Looking To Third Party Assistance

6th August 2019

Guernsey Airport is looking to contract out passenger assistance to a third party. At the moment, travellers who require assistance such as wheelchairs, are handled by the airline’s ground-handling teams.

However, to bring Guernsey more in to line with UK airports, it’s hoped a spe

cialist company will be able to take over.

Head of Aviation Services at Guernsey Airport, Ash Nicholas, says it will help improve customer service.

The deadline for interested parties to register their interest is 12 noon on the 16th of August.

Head of Aviation Services at Guernsey Airport Ash Nicholas has released the following statement:

“Guernsey Airport recognises the need to provide appropriate assistance for all passengers. To help improve our customer service, we are looking for a provider to help meet the expectations of passengers travelling with reduced mobility and or disability issues. By appointing a dedicated service provider we be

(Credit: Guernsey Airport)

lieve this will improve customer service and give timely and appropriate support for all passengers.”

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