Airport Security Queues Explained

13th June 2019

Deputy Peter Ferbrache has been explaining why there have been long queues for people going through security at Guernsey Airport.

Facing a number of questions in the June sitting of the Guernsey States, the president of the States Trading & Supervisory Board outlined the main causes of the delays that have been disrupting passengers for many months.

Deputy Ferbrache blamed the extra stringent requirements that have been imposed on the airport by the regulator, coupled with the airport’s outdated security equipment. “At the moment we don’t have a body scanner, and our two x-ray machines are of the old vintage,” he explained. “They need to be replaced.”

He also attributed the long waiting times to a shortage of staff – a problem which is unlikely to be solved quickly due to the stringent security clearance process all new employees have to go through.

Mr Ferbrache said that the issues causing the delays are “completely unacceptable” and agreed that they need to be addressed promptly.

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