Decision on Domarie Vinery narrowly deferred

15th August 2019

A decision on the Domarie and Avondale vineries by the Development & Planning Authority was delayed at an open planning meeting yesterday morning.

The meeting was intended to assess the controversial application at the Domarie and Avondale Vineries in St Sampsons.

Owners of the site want to see a change in the legal understanding of the land, which would see it change from being for horticultural purposes only to an industrial site.

The site, which is situated next to Oatlands, would see the greenhouses pulled down to form 15 storage units and 2 open yards.

Whilst numerous concerns were raised by residents that live nearby, the main issues were dust and noise pollution, along with the possibility of increased traffic levels.

Further to initial concerns about changes to the site residents are also angry that a decision was made to defer any conclusion to the dilemma by up to 8 weeks.

The vote to defer was won by a majority of two members to one, although it should be noted that due to maternity leave Deputy Oliver was not in attendance.

Both Deputy Lester Queripel and Alderney Representative Snowdon stated that more information would be required before coming to a properly informed verdict.

The Development and Planning Authority have also for further information with regards to the use of Route Militaire as an alternative gateway for the site, including confirmation that vehicles passing will not intrude onto the pavements and cycle lanes in the area.

Deputy Dawn Tindall, President of the Development and Planning Authority, said; “the decision to defer may be frustrating to some, as this process has been ongoing for some time. However, safety of all road users… was a significant concern raised”.

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