HA President Refuses To Resign

29th June 2019

Deputy Mary Lowe is refusing to resign as President of Home Affairs after being accused of bullying and harassing staff in her department.

A letter from Guernsey’s Policy and Resources Committee said it was in the Deputy’s interests to step down to seek a fresh mandate from the States.

“In the context of your acceptance of the recommendations of the Report, for the sake of good governance this would be a real opportunity for a fresh start, with a fresh mandate and the renewed confidence of the Assembly and the community as a whole.

“Seeking the confidence and endorsement of the States in this way, would be a more positive response to the Report than the States considering the matter through the only other alternative available to it, a motion of no confidence in the entire committee.”

In response, Deputy Lowe called it ‘an attempt to bully and pressurise her into stepping down’ and claimed the criticisms levelled at her aren’t backed up with clear evidence.

“I will get straight to the point and confirm that I have no intention of so doing (stepping down).

“This is not as you might seek to imply anything to do with arrogance but rather because the majority of the personal criticisms levelled at me by the report’s author are not backed up by any clear evidence.”

Committee Deputies St Pier, Trott, Brouard, Stephens and Le Tocq pointed out that Deputy Lowe accepted the recommendations, which they feel is admittance to the heavy criticism in the report.

However Deputy Lowe says that isn’t correct.

“In your letter you seek to present a picture of me and my Committee being unable to implement the recommendations. It is true that we do not accept many of the criticisms and have repeatedly pointed out the woeful lack of evidence.

“We are however not holding ourselves out to be perfect nor denying that there may be room for improvement and it was in that context of humility and conviction that I assured States Members of our intent to deal with the report’s recommendations.”

The damning report said the department’s governance ‘falls well below acceptable standards.’

Deputies Richard Graham and Rob Prow quit the committee after the report was released.

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