Male Uprising Guernsey supporting the short next week

7th July 2019

Tomorrow will see the return of Male Uprising Guernsey’s annual Bermuda Shorts Week.

The charity is raising funds to hopefully install sunscreen dispensers at kiosks, so that beach-goers who forget their lotion can still be protected from UV rays.

Council Member Mike Richards said the work was vital.

‘We think skin cancer is something that’s very serious – I think it’s 25% higher rates of skin cancer in the Channel Islands  probably partly to do with the good weather and partly to do with the outdoor lifestyle that we have.

‘Actually, it would be remiss of us not to help such a good cause and we’ve had real traction with this.

‘A lot of people have children or have nieces and nephews so they’re affected and they see their children or nieces and nephews go to school and it’s nice for them to know they’re protected.’

To sign up for Bermuda Shorts Week, please visit, find them on Facebook @maleuprisinginguernsey or email

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