New technology may come to Guernsey Airport search zone

8th June 2019

Guernsey Airport (Photo: Sam Bellis)

Guernsey Airport is looking to introduce new technologies to address customer complaints.

To comply with UK Aviation regulations more stringent security processes have recently been put into place.

However, this has sometimes led to a fall in services at busy times – Guernsey Ports want to rectify this.

One change could be new technology that would mitigate the need for physical bag checks.

Guernsey Ports’ general manager, Colin Le Ray, says new regulations had presented ‘significant challenges’ for airport management and G4S.

This would include the possibility of having a body scanner coupled with further employee training.

‘We are conscious of the concerns that have been expressed, whether as a result of queues experienced at peak times and the additional search requirements, which some passengers have found intrusive,’ he said.

‘We apologise to anyone who has been affected by these issues and we are working very hard with G4S to improve the situation swiftly.’

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