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Eoin Morgan undecided on England future after World Cup victory

9:25 pm, 19th July 2019

Morgan, 32, led England to victory over New Zealand at Lord’s on Sunday in one of the most dramatic ODIs ever played.

In an in-depth interview that you can see in full in our special show ‘On Top of the World: Eoin Morgan’ the skipper reveals that the demands of the campaign have left him “knackered”.

Morgan also revealed that his on-going back issues – which flared up in the build-up to the tournament and again in the win over the West Indies – could affect his decision, adding that he would only carry on at the top level if he felt able to lead the side rather than play for another captain.

“After every major tournament or challenge I’ll always sit down and say ‘how does the future look? How does the next six months, year, four years look?” he told Sky Sports.

“I actually haven’t had a chance to come down off the high of the World Cup yet so it’s been incredibly difficult to make a logical decision and that’s when I make my best decisions.

“Next week I’m going away with my wife to get away from the game, in a really nice way. I’m absolutely knackered – physically and mentally knackered; I need a little bit of time away to consider everything.

“It’s a big commitment – not only to go to the T20 World Cup next year, but to commit to the next 50-over World Cup. These last five weeks have taken so much out of me mentally and physically.

“My levels of fitness with my back have always been in question and it’s not a nice place to be in as a leader. At the forefront of it will be ‘can I take the team forward?'”

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