Outline Deal Signed For Alderney Power

10th September 2019

An outline deal has been signed between Alderney Electricity and Simec Atlantis Energy in what is considered the first crucial step towards a power purchase agreement.

Tim Cornelius, CEO of SIMEC Atlantis, has released the following statement:

“We are absolutely delighted to secure AEL as a customer for electricity generated from the powerful waters of the Raz Blanchard. This is the first, important step in unlocking the vast economic potential of the tidal flows around the Channel Islands and it has taken the forward-thinking management of AEL to make this happen. We subscribe to their vision of not only seeking to provide security of supply for the island, but also using this project as a model for other island communities seeking to decarbonise and provide new opportunities for economic resilience.
Working with our project partners in France and making use of all of the experience garnered from operating the world’s largest tidal array in Scotland, we hope to make Alderney a flagship example of the Blue Economy at work. This will involve harnessing the vast power of the ocean in an environmentally responsible way in partnership with the local community. We hope that this project will be a blue print for other island nations around the world in due course”

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