Police Make Nearly 40 Arrests in Clamp Down on Anti-Social Behaviour

14th June 2019

An operation targeting anti-social behaviour in St Peter Port on Friday and Saturday nights has seen 38 arrests in three months.

The Police operation was designed to deliver a consistent low-tolerance approach to aggressive or anti-social behaviour and drunken disorder across the town area.

Following an analysis of where and when calls reporting anti-social behaviour were peaking, Police identified the pattern of areas and times where the risk of bad behaviour and assaults were greater to ensure they could target their approach.

As well as the 38 arrests, there were also four warnings issued and two stop searches conducted. A total of 109 liquor licence checks were also carried out.

Chief Inspector J-P Le Breton said that the aim of the operation was to assure both offenders and the general public that the Police have a strict low-tolerance approach to issues occurring in town over the weekends:

“St Peter Port is the island’s main town where many people like to go out to relax and enjoy themselves after the working week. We want to reassure the community that we take their town evening safety seriously.”

Although the operation has now officially ended, the firm approach to anti-social behaviour is expected to continue.

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