Population Change Will Give New Babies Birthright Again

19th June 2015

Anyone living in Guernsey today will have to continue to earn their local status even after new population management methods are brought in.

That means a child born in the island, even if they have local parents and grandparents, still won’t be automatically classed as local even after the regime is changed.


The rules are likely to change in 2017, meaning local babies born to local families in Guernsey will have a birthright to live here.

That will only become an automatic right to any child born after the current population management regime is changed, meaning anyone currently living here, or born before the changes are made, won’t benefit from it.

The Policy Council has suggested this, along with a number of other proposals for managing our population, which will all be debated next month.

You can read the full report in the July Billet at gov.gg

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