Saye Beach Campsite evacuated due to bad weather

8th August 2019

Saye Beach Campsite in Alderney is evacuating 150 campers because of bad weather.

Some will be moving to friends homes but for those with no direct connections there is no accommodation available.

80 to 100 people will need somewhere to stay so the Island Hall, the Methodist church, the Catholic church and the Masonic Hall will house the campers for three days.

Dawn O’Sullivan – a doctor – is one of those being evacuated from the site. She says it’s been very well organised.

‘The weather has been terrible and it’s going to get much worse – today the weather is bad but we’re actually going to have gales. It’s the first time we’ve ever had to evacuated the campsite en-masse,’ she said.

‘I’m very impressed by the organisation. Zoe’s done a sterling job of reassuring all the campers as well as feeding them.’

The three day evacuation will start today as tents are taken down and the States have said they will assist in putting them back up as soon as possible.

It’s hoped campers will return to the campsite on Sunday when the weather conditions improve.

Some Alderney Week events have been cancelled today and updates will be posted on the Alderney Week Facebook page

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