Scrutiny recommend tribunal of enquiry to look in to ESC appointment controversy

24th August 2019

The Scrutiny Management Committee has recommended a Tribunal of Inquiry to investigate the controversial circumstances around the appointment of the Head of Curriculum and Standards.

Deputy Chris Green, President of the Scrutiny Management Committee said that the Tribunal was the only sensible way forward.

‘We have evaluated all of the other potential alternatives which would include the Scrutiny Management Committee commissioning its own independent review, but we’ve come to the conclusion the only realistic, workable way of doing it, is through a tribunal of inquiry.’

In May, it was announced that a London headteacher was appointed to the position. Since then, internal questioning of process and a leaked e-mail from Deputy Matt Fallaize lead to allegations that political interference may have caused the appointment to be rigged.

A report by the Guernsey Press in July revealed that the interview panel voted four to one for the installment of a local headteacher in the role, with Fallaize the only member opposed.

The Committee now aim to facilitate the action of a Tribunal to discover the truth. The report would then be given to the States for debate.

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