SOPM attempt milk world record

14th June 2019

An unusual world record will be attempted by The School of Popular Music later this month.

To celebrate the school turning five, the school’s voices group is taking up five challenges throughout 2019. Their first? To break the World Record for the most amount of milk produced by a cow in one minute. But there’s a twist…

SOPM plan to sing to the cow whilst it’s being milked in the hope that the music will inspire it to produce more milk.

It is widely believed that music can mitigate stress in cows and increase their milk production by up to 3%.

SOPM founder Tyler Edmunds says he hopes the groups’ soothing tones will help them beat the current world record of 2.25 litres in one minute:

‘We’re in the process of writing, so on the day it’s going to be purely a cappella,’ he explained.

‘That’s the best way to do it as it’s all about relaxation – we don’t want to startle the cows so we don’t want anything loud. It’s just going to be us singing on the day.’

Tyler Edmunds established SOPM in 2014 after noticing that Guernsey was missing a social group for teachers, students and music lovers. It’s since gone from strength to strength, and he has big plans for the future:

‘We’ve really focused on the SOPM Five Campaign this year and making sure that it’s as big as possible. We wanted it to be wide-reaching, accessible and as inclusive as we can make it.

‘Then, moving into 2020, we’re going to carry on expanding – we’re actually looking at the possibility of starting up in Jersey. Things are going really well at the moment so we’re just going to keep riding the wave.’

The remaining four challenges of the SOPM Five campaign are yet to be revealed.

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