Online voting unlikely to be in place for 2020 election

7th January 2019

The Castel Douzaine Room polling station

Online voting may not be available for the 2020 election, according to the president of the States Assembly and Constitution Committee.

Deputy Neil Inder says in the corporate world implementing something similar would be a lot quicker than doing it in a government capacity.

He says it’s possible, but actually implementing it is trickier.

‘I think there’s a general acceptance that it’s possible, whether government runs at the same pace as the commercial world does is a completely different matter,’ said deputy Inder.

‘By now, to be honest with you, in my old experience being a web developer and working with system engineers, I would already know whether it would be possible to have online voting and we’d either put it back in a box or look at ways of implementing it.’

Whether we have online voting or not, the SACC president says we will need to have electronic vote counting.

‘Under the government system everything runs hideously slowly.

‘Meetings don’t happen once every two or three weeks, nothing’s ever as quick as it would be in the commercial world.

‘I think it’s possible an element of online voting, certainly we’re going to need electronic counting, whether it’s possible before the 2020 election we’ll have to wait and see.’

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