Option A wins referendum

11th October 2018

The ballot boxes were stored overnight before votes were counted at St James.

Option A has won the island’s first ever referendum.

Described as ‘pure Island Wide Voting’, Option A fought off close competition from Option C and came away with 52% of the final vote.

Because voter turnout surpassed the threshold of 40% the decision will be binding on the States of Guernsey.

George Melhuish, a campaigner from Option C, said he was pleased to have pushed the count to the final round.

The result means at the next general election in 2020 voters will be able to select candidates from anywhere on the island.

Voting went down to the fourth preference votes as no option was a clear winner in each of the previous rounds.

Option D, which proposed reducing the number of districts from seven to four, was the first choice to be eliminated after it received just 672 votes in the first round of counting.

Option E was the next to be struck off the list, receiving 1,004 votes by the second round.

Option B, the current electoral system, was the penultimate option removed from contention, trailing by 288 votes in the third round of counting.

It was eventually a showdown between Option A and Option C in the final round of counting – with Option A holding a final tally of 6,017 votes versus Option C’s 5,448.

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