Option C should have won – campaign official

15th October 2018

The Castel Douzaine Room polling station

A lack of understanding in the voting system led to the wrong option winning last week’s referendum, according to a campaigner from Option C.

Rhoderick Matthews, a former deputy, and campaign official for Option C, says if more people who voted for Option B had used their preference votes his choice would have won.

‘So 2,450 votes had no preference that was used, no second preference that was used, and given that 75 to 80 per cent of those that were used went to C rather than A  you can be pretty sure that most, if not at that high a proportion, would have gone to C and C would have won easily,’ said Mr Matthews.

Mr Matthews believes there was a misunderstanding of the voting system which caused people not to use their preference votes.

‘I don’t think it [the referendum] truly reflected the opinions of islanders, or the islanders who voted, and that’s because of the way the preference voting system was not understood by those who voted.

‘You can blame people for not taking the trouble to find out what it meant to vote in order of one, two, three, four, five; you might blame the referendum team for not getting the message across.

‘There was criticisms of the children’s video on colours of doors which perhaps didn’t explain it all that well.’

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