Pay As You Go Vehicle Charging Stations

3rd January 2018

Two new electric vehicle charging stations are available for public use in Guernsey.

You can find them in North Beach car park – in three-hour parking spaces along the southern wall.


Customers who use the stations will need to download the free App, which allows access to the charging and payment system.

You can find details at the charging units and on the App, which can be downloaded by searching ‘EOApp’ on the App Store and Google Play.

If you own an electric vehicle but do not have access to a smart phone or tablet, you can use the charging units by calling the number displayed on the signs.

Customers can then select the time interval they would like to charge their vehicle. It will cost £1.50 per hour, and will go up to a maximum of three hours. Once the selected time interval is chosen is fulfilled, the customer’s account will be debited through an online payment system.

You can use the spaces between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday, and the normal disc parking rules apply.

The charging stations were installed by locally registered energy storage and EV charge point company provider, ‘Green Acorn’.

As well as this, there are three, newly designated 10-hour electric and hybrid vehicle parking spaces, immediately west of the charging spaces.

We are told the location of the charging and priority spaces will enable more scope for similar installations if there is demand in the future.

Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez, from the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure, says:

‘The Integrated Transport Strategy encourages and supports the switch to electric vehicles, to help reduce the negative impact of road use on the environment. This initiative provides electric vehicle charging stations for the first time in a public car park in Guernsey – a facility that will enabl;e more people (for example Town residents without access to domestic charging points, and people visiting the island in an EV) to use electric vehicles more easily. 

The Pay As You Go system means locals and visitors alike will be able to charge their vehicle at North Beach without needing a subscription. 

We will monitor the use of the charging stations with a view to expanding the initiative into other locations id demand is sufficient.’ 

Guernsey Police say:

‘The signs in the areas of the electric vehicle charging and the dedicated EV 10-hour parking spaces are clear. Non EV users found to be parking here are liable for a fixed penalty fine, so we recommend motorists adhere to the signs.’

You can find a video demonstrating how to use the units and a Q&A document can be found on the website.

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