Petition Calls For Safety Changes

20th March 2017
A map of the area petitioners want changed (Credit: Google Maps)

A map of the area petitioners want changed (Credit: Google Maps)

There are calls for safety changes to roads in the Sausmarez Park area.

Campaigners are concerned there could be serious accidents if proper pedestrian crossings are not introduced.

The organiser of an online petition believes the Rue de la Perruque, Route de Cobo and Le Villocq junctions are all dangerous in their current form.

Businessman Ross Le Brun thinks cars will not be able to see young people crossing the road – which could lead to serious consequences, and he says a bus stop in the area is also causing problems.

Mr Le Brun wants other people who share his concerns to sign the petition – which he’s looking to give to Guernsey’s Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure:

“Me and my wife have recently had a baby boy, so because we had the pram with us we realised how bad it is. A car came up from Cobo and didn’t even stop, we had to pull the pram back.

It would be good to have some signage there that reminds drivers of the speed limits and forces them to stop, as well as proper crossings.”

You can view the petition on here.

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