Photographer looking to preserve images of native Guernesiaise speakers

10th December 2018

The Guernsey Language Commission is working with a photographer to create a social history record of the last native Guernsey French speakers.

The team is capturing photos and recordings of those who learnt Guernesiaise when they were very young, with plans to display them at the Guernsey Museum at Candie.

Photographer for the project, Aaron Yeandle, says lots of people are getting involved.

‘It’s pretty much anyone that speaks it if it was their first language, but at the same time if they learnt it as children and it wasn’t their first language they can also be incorporated within this project,’ said Mr Yeandle.

‘We have an estimation of 100, but we think there may be more so we’re trying to document as many people for this project.’

So far, just five of the 100 people have had their photos taken, but Mr Yeandle is pleased with the outcomes so far.

‘There’s a long way to go.

‘I’m quite happy with the portraits and all these portraits are taken in people’s homes, it’s a lot more of a personal environment rather than having it in a plain studio.

‘It’s really nice to go to their home and see them in their own surroundings.’

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