Plans to improve ‘urban forest’ of The Bridge

19th February 2019

Image from Vale Parish website

The Douzaines of St Sampson and the Vale have been assessing the ‘urban forest’ of The Bridge.

They discovered there are more than 130 posts dotted around the area – most with signs on them – along with mismatched lamp posts and old scaffolding.

The parish authorities counted the posts as part of an initiative aiming to improve the area.

They say there are 15 lamp posts in the area between the entrance to Guernsey Electricity’s offices and Le Crocq, comprised of nine different designs.

Senior Constable for the Vale, Richard Leale, would like to see some change:

‘We are in the early stages but the intention is to talk to and bring on board the various stakeholders, such as The Bridge traders, the floral group to see what we can do to improve the appearance of it.

‘We’re also taking to Guernsey Electricity to see if – with some input from the parish of St Sampson and the Vale – we can do something about the street lighting.

‘There are so many different light standards and we want to get them looking all the same.

‘If you come across a French village or small town and instantly you think “This looks nice”.

‘We would like that sort of effect with The Bridge, that people come onto The Bridge and straight away say “Oh this looks very attractive obviously some care and thought has gone into it”.

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