Plans to track Asian hornets as nest is discovered

12th July 2018

An Asian hornet

Tracking technology could help destroy Asian hornet nests in Guernsey if the public help fund it.

The spread of Asian hornets is posing a critical threat to the islands bee population and nests need to be located and destroyed.

It’s hoped that new radio tracking technology will help lead members of Guernsey’s Beekeepers Association to their nests.

The association has put in a provisional order for 10 hi-tec tags with a tracking unit which costs over £3,000 and the public are asked to help fund the initiative.

The tiny tracking device needs to be attached to the hornet using sewing thread and has a range of about 1.3 kilometres.

We’re told the GBA are in talks with the States regarding funding but if you would like to make a donation you can email

Meanwhile, a hornet’s nest has been found in a shed in the L’Islet area.

The nest is the size of a small football and will be removed next week.

It was found 250 metres, and 750 metres, away from two sightings earlier this year.

As ever the public are encouraged to be vigilant and report any potential sightings, preferably without killing the insects.

Sightings can be reported to or using the free iPhone and Android app, Asian Hornet Watch.

Reports should include the location of the hornet, the direction it came from and then flew off in, name and contact details of the reporter, and a picture where possible.

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