Political Association Explains Objectives

14th March 2018

A large crowd gathered at Les Cotils on Tuesday evening, for a public meeting to introduce a new political association.

Deputies Carl Meerveld, Peter Ferbrache and Joe Mooney explained their objectives, and the structure of the newly former initiative.

The as yet un-named association has its sights set on getting new candidates elected to the assembly in 2020, and introducing Island Wide Voting later this year.

Deputy Meerveld says:

‘The next stage is, we’ve booked the same room, on the 22nd March, and we are inviting all the people who are interested in working with the association to come down. We’re also, at that stage, announcing the name and brand that we’re going to apply to the association, and launching a fundraising campaign to help fund the expenses.’

Deputy Ferbrache says:

‘If we end up with the same make up of the States in 2020, social minded policies are great, but if we have too many people that just focus on social-minded, environment policies, we’re in trouble, because we’re running out of time to make crucial changes.’

Deputy Mooney says:

‘The association will bring people together. We will have opinions on how the Billet is going, and the public will have an input as well. Most of the public don’t read the Billet. I’d be hesitant to say that actually some of the deputies don’t read the Billet until we get to the debate. For me the association will give better cohesion.’

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