Population Laws Defended

13th September 2017
Guernsey (Credit: Stock Image)

Guernsey (Credit: Stock Image)

Guernsey’s new population management laws have been defended.

The President of the Committee for Home Affairs, which is responsible for our population policy, says the new system is working well but it still needs time to bed in.

Deputy Mary Lowe admits there is still a backlog of applications but she’s confident most industries are satisfied with it:

“The Committee recently met with the Chairman of the Population Employment Advisory Panel, and we asked that the industry representatives on the panel seek the views of all those they represent on the administration of the new law.

“We are keen to receive feedback from all businesses and would ask that they engage with the panel, who are due to report back to the Committee in October. The Committee is not closed off on this issue; quite the opposite, but we need businesses to engage with the panel to provide us with their feedback and evidence, whether that be issues identified or areas where the new system is working well.

“When the Committee has received additional feedback and information from the panel it will be considering if any practical amendments can be introduced as soon as possible to assist local businesses.”

The changeover happened earlier this year and extra staff were brought in to help deal with the number of licence applications.

The new system has faced some criticism but the President of Home Affairs says it is working. Deputy Lowe also says any delays are not the staffs’ fault:

“Policy and Resources have helped us by seconding staff, as we deal with sickness and leave. I wish our staff well, as they’ve had a bit of bashing through people using the media to criticise their work.”

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