Puffins Live-Stream Online

21st April 2017
Puffins (Stock Image)

Puffins (Stock Image)

We can now live-stream Puffins straight to our computers, tablets and other electronic devices.

Three cameras have been set up on Burhou, an island which is two miles away from Alderney. They are settling down to look after their young through the summer.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust says the puffins arrived in the Channel in March, when they began rafting at sea. They’re raising awareness now through this project:

Some pairs will have an egg, with chicks hatching early to mid-May.

Raft counts have shown over 90 birds so far this year, with many likely out feeding during the counts so we can assume actual numbers are higher.

In 2016, the organisation estimated that over 120 pairs were breeding on Burhou.

Although the global population remains in the millions, there have been repeat breeding failures at key colonies in recent years, causing recruitment and therefore the breeding population to decline.

In the UK there have been significant declines on Fair Isle and the Shetland Islands.

Experts are now urging us to choose sustainably sourced and responsably caught fish, to help conserve the puffin’s food source.

You can watch the puffins through this link.

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