Restart a Heart Week offers free life-saving training

10th October 2018

World Restart a Heart Day

Next week is Restart a Heart Week, and local organisations are hoping to provide as many islanders as possible with life-saving training.

Professionals will be heading to different community centres across the island throughout the week, offering free one-hour sessions on CPR and using a public-access defibrillator.

The local initiative coincides with World Restart a Heart Day, which takes place on the 16th October.

The sessions are taking place at:


  • St Stephens Community Centre – 2.30pm on 15th October
  • Capelles Church and Community Centre – 7.30pm on 15th October
  • Cobo Community Centre – 6pm on 16th October
  • St Saviour Community Centre – 7pm on 17th October
  • Vale Douzaine Room – 7pm on 17th October
  • St Andrews Community Centre – 1.15pm on 17th October
  • St Martins Community Centre – 7.30pm on 18th October
  • Styx Community Centre – 6.45pm on 19th October

You are being advised to book the sessions by emailing or by calling 07781 129539.

The team is happy to arrange training to take place elsewhere at another time, free of charge, if you would prefer.

Senior Officer of the St John Emergency Ambulance Service, Dave Welbourne, says:

‘The St John Emergency Ambulance Service responds to an average of five cardiac arrests of five cardiac arrests each month.

‘A patient’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest improve if there is early recognition, early CPR, early use of an AED [Automated External Defibrillator] and early advanced care from a paramedic.’

Cardiac Action Group Community Resuscitation Development Officer, Mike Froome, says:

‘Currently, European statistics show only one in ten people will survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

‘World Restart a Heart Day is hoping to help improve those figures with awareness of CPR, basic life support and the use of AEDs. 

‘The event has the slogan “Together We Can Beat That”.

‘This year sees the first international event.’

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