Sark Electricity threatens to stop supplying power

7th August 2018

Sark Electricity has threatened to stop supplying the island with power.

This comes after Sark’s Electricity Price Commissioner issued a Price Control Oder, reducing the price of electricity by 14p.

Director of the company, David Gordon-Brown, says:

‘Sark Electricity is a small, family owned company that has provided electricity to Sark for more than fifty years without any government support, help or subsidy.

‘We have engaged with the Commissioner at length in respect of this process, and in doing so we have demonstrated to him the many ways in which his decisions are wrong and will ultimately lead to negative outcomes for Sark. 

‘The continued attempts by Sark’s government to take control of the company over the last eight years has now culminated in an attempt by their appointee to bankrupt the company. 

‘This continued pressure to force us out leaves the shareholders to consider whether it makes any sense to continue to operate the company in the face of unending hostility from our government. 

‘We have been losing money all year and it is hard to see any justification to continue.’

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