Sark gets ready for Summer Festival this weekend

4th July 2018

The Sark Summer Festival takes place this weekend at a spectacular setting near La Coupee.

The event features a mixture of UK and local artists playing a variety of styles of music.

Organiser Mark Guillou says Sark is the perfect place for a festival:

‘Sark’s a tremendous place. It’s so relaxed. If somebody had said to me, you’ll really enjoy walking everywhere I probably would have said “No I don’t”, but I do! I was never one for views but when you get there and look out you think “Wow, look at all that”. It just feels like a different world. 

We try to get a very eclectic mix of people. We have a country group called the ‘Adelaides’ , they’re a three piece country harmony group. We’ve also got a fantastic harmonica player, and a foot-stomping folk band called ‘Tom O’Riley and the Swagger’. We have lots of local bands as well. 

We’re running three stages, but the two main stages will be staggered by an hour, so you’ll get to see everybody. You’ll see one band on one stage, and then an hour later the next band will start up on another stage, so you don’t miss anybody.’

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