Sark prepares to be left in the dark

26th November 2018

Plans are underway to keep Sark running in case the power is switched off at the end of the week.

Sark Electricity has threatened to turn off the power, after a price control commissioner ordered the company to lower its prices.

The energy provider has appealed to the island’s Chief Pleas, which says it is ‘working to resolve the issue’.

As there is no reservoir in Sark, islanders usually pump water from boreholes.

However, without electricity that will not be possible, so residents are coming up with ways to maintain a clean supply of drinking water.

General Manager of Stocks Hotel in the island, Paul Armorgie, says:

‘There’s a drinking water bowser, which is owned by the Fire Service who have been down and assessed our situation and we’ll be able to provide the Fire Service with drinking water for distribution to houses on the island.

‘I’m also aware that people have offered their swimming pools to be filled with fresh water, and of course the other standby is bottled water as well.’

Mr Armorgie says it shouldn’t impact tourism too much though:

‘Had this happened in July or August we’d have a more challenging situation, but because it’s happening in November/December it’s not having a huge impact on tourism.

‘It has put Sark in the headlines, possibly for the wrong reasons, and we’ve had lots of curious phone calls from people saying “I’m coming to stay with you next July, will the power be back on?”.

‘We’ve been able to reassure people that we will be business as usual in due course.’

Sark residents are being encouraged to look out for their neighbours and call the Assembly Room Help Point on 833028 if assistance is required.

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