States approve Aurigny plane purchase plan

14th December 2018

The States of Guernsey have approved Aurigny’s business plan to buy three new aircraft.

That means the States will guarantee the local airline a loan of about $60m – which is just under £50m – to replace its ageing fleet.

If ATR succeeds in getting certification, the planes will be equipped with new ‘ClearVision’ technology, which aims to allow aircraft to operate in lower visibility conditions.

Speaking in the States this afternoon, President of the States Trading and Supervisory Board, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, said we need to be realistic about the future:

‘We will need to rely on Aurigny more and more and more in the next ten years – there’s no doubt about that.

‘The days when British Airways came here, the days when KLM came here, the days when we had other flights, they’re not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

‘So that is the realism.’

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