States e-bike subsidy ‘definitely having an impact’

7th November 2018

The recent States e-bike subsidy scheme is ‘definitely having an impact’ on traffic volumes, emissions and islanders’ health, according to the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure.

Those who used the subsidy to buy an electric bicycle are have been asked to take part in a three month survey, and the Committee for Environment and Infrastructure is pleased with the result so far.

The average mileage undertaken by each bike owner who responded to the survey was 275 miles over three months, with 60% saying the bike is now their primary mode of transport.

More than 80% of respondents bought their bikes to get more active and healthier, with over 60% saying they now feel healthier.

Vice-President of E&I, Deputy Mark Dorey, says:

‘The results from this second survey are encouraging and suggest that the e-bike subsidy scheme continues to be successful in changing behaviours. 

‘The scheme is definitely having and will continue to have an impact in reducing traffic volumes, reducing emissions and helping people to feel more active and fitter.’

Almost 55% said they found using an e-bike more convenient than driving and finding a parking space.

We’re told there was an almost equal male/female split between those who answered the survey, with more than 65% aged 51-70.

The Committee will next undertake a one year survey, to better identify the longer-term outcomes.

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