States team works to clear oil at sea

10th January 2019

The States Works Coastal team has been out clearing oil today, after a dog walker spotted numerous blobs of the substance in the central reef area of L’Ancresse and Pembroke this morning.

In a statement, Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services said the team managed to clear ‘as much as could be found’.

It’s understood the oil was very dark and crusted, suggesting it has been at sea for a while and broken up by waves.

We’re told it’s likely that it came from a ship out at sea discharging oily water or old oil.

The GSPCA has received six birds that have been affected by the substance over the past few days – four of which have died.

Dumping oil at sea is illegal in most cases and Guernsey Harbours has asked commercial shipping and aircraft crews to report any sightings of oil in the area.

Cautionary signs have been put in place for the time being to warn beach-users.

Anyone who finds oil on a beach is asked to contact ACLMS on or call 234567 with details of the location and size of the affected area.

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