Students to discuss climate change with deputies

6th March 2019

Image Sky News – UK ‘strikes’

A group of local students will raise issues around climate change with our deputies next week.

The YouthAction4ClimateGSY follows student ‘strikes’ in the UK over what the government is doing to protect the planet.

The group is aiming to make Guernsey carbon neutral by 2030.

All students are invited to the Grammar School at 12.45pm on Friday 15th March to voice their views and hear from a number of deputies, who have already agreed to go along.

Charlotte Cleal, 16, is one of the organisers and says it’s a big step for local students:

‘This will be our first time holding an event on such a large scale.

‘We previously spoke amongst others about having this event and they have been very encouraging, so we thought we would take matters into our own hands and begin it.

Our main aim is to make Guernsey carbon neutral by 2030 by involving all of the deputies and trying to get as much involvement from pupils as we can.

It is the students’ voice and that’s what we’re trying to focus on – seeing how we can make an impact along with the global movements as well.’

The discussion will coincide with student ‘strikes’ across the UK.

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