Support For Website Backing Assisted Dying In Guernsey

1st February 2018

A local man has set up a website to support Assisted Dying in Guernsey and Alderney.

The website states the arguments for and against, and asks for interested people to get involved with the campaign.

The public website has been set up by Douglas Wilson, who says he has ‘always found it strange that people should be denied the right to end their life on their own terms’.

Mr Wilson says recent personal events have strengthened his opinion on the matter.

The website has been publicly supported by the island’s top politician, Deputy Gavin St Pier, who hopes the topic will be brought to the States soon:


The website has also been backed by UK group, Dignity In Dying.

Speaking to IslandFM, Tom Davies from Dignity In Dying says everyone deserves a choice:

‘We think that everyone should have the right to a dignified death. When you’re terminally ill and mentally competent you should have the right to decide to die at a time and manner of your own choosing. We think that’s the same for people in Guernsey, as it is for people across the World, and we believe that’s a right that everyone who is dying should have.

We think this is a very welcome development. If Guernsey could lead England and Wales into changing the law then that would be fantastic. We think it’s a law that should be available to everyone across the British Isles, to have a real right to a dignified death at the end of their lives.’ 

You can read more on the website.


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