Sustainable energy company in talks with Alderney

6th November 2018

Global sustainable energy company, Atlantis, is in talks with the States of Alderney about generating tidal power from the stretch of water between the island and France, known as the Alderney Race.

The company has already made links with French company, Normandie Hydrogene, and plans to start work there in 2021.

Alderney Representative, Graham McKinley, says it could transform the island:

‘What they are saying, which is of enormous value to us, is that they will be able to put in some sort of turbines in the Race which will extract energy out of Alderney waters. 

‘That would bring in lower electricity costs for us I hope, but also some considerable revenue which could turn this island round completely, if it works properly.

‘We’re talking about it starting work in France in 2021, but it’s not going to happen here for ten years, I would guess.

‘This hopefully could, to some extent, reduce our reliance on Guernsey and would bring in considerable value to all of in the island, to everybody.’

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