Three oiled birds found in three days

10th January 2019

Two birds have died and another has been injured over the past week, after becoming covered in oil.

A guillemot was rushed to the vet on Sunday after it was found covered in the substance, but had ingested too much of the oil when trying to clean it off and passed away as a result.

Since then, two more oiled birds have been found along the west coast.

Just before 10pm on Tuesday evening another guillemot  was rescued in the Grandes Rocques area and placed in one of the GSPCA’s Intensive Care Units.

We’re told the team is working round the clock to give the bird the care it needs.

However, a third guillemot, which was found early on Wednesday morning at Vazon, was not so lucky.

The bird had suffered a prolapse as well as being covered in oil and was unable to be saved.

The GSPCA is encouraging us to look out for oiled birds along our coastline.

If you see a bird in need of help you can call the charity’s 24 hour helpline on 257261.

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