Total States Funds = £2.7 Billion

28th September 2016

The valuations of States of Guernsey funds for the second quarter of 2016 have been finalised.

The Policy & Resources Committee and the Committee for Employment and Social Security look after three major investment funds for the island – the total of these assets is recorded at £2.7 billion.

The funds are the:

  • Long-Term Fund – underpins pensions and funding for public sector employees.
  • Medium-Term Fund & Cash Pool
  • Common Investment Fund – underpins social security provisions.

As at the 30th June 2016 the funds totalled:

  • Long-Term: £1.561 billion
  • Medium-Term: £321.9 million
  • Common: £837.3 million

This image shows the 2016 returns on each of the funds.investment-pic-28-09

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