Very young Jersey seal pup sent to GSPCA

9th November 2018

Andrew is the youngest pup at the GSPCA for many years

The GSPCA has taken in the youngest grey seal pup to arrive at the charity for many years, after he was flown in from Jersey yesterday.

The pup, which has been named Andrew, is thought to be about 7-12 days old as he still has a white fur coat, which is usually lost after two weeks.

Weighing in at just 17kg, Andrew is ‘painfully thin’ with pups of his age usually weighing about 40kg.

Teams in Jersey looked after the pup overnight, before he was transferred to the GSPCA via Blue Islands so he can receive the treatment and care he needs.

Main carer for the seals at the shelter, Geoff George, says:

‘With bad weather, seal pups can often get separated from their mother during their first few days of life, which are crucial to help with their development.

‘This is what has likely happened with Andrew after the story weather we have recently had.

‘Andrew is now in our seal intensive care room and will require special fluids every two hours, day and night, if he is to survive.

‘We haven’t had a white coated grey seal pup for many years, making him the youngest we have had for a very long time.’

If you are concerned about a seal, you are advised not to approach it, but to call the GSPCA on 257261 and send a picture, so the team can get a good idea of the animal’s state.

We’re told pups should look like a ‘fat sausage’ and that you shouldn’t be able to see a neck.

The GSPCA is currently appealing for spare blankets and towels to be dropped into the shelter, to keep the animals warm through the winter.

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