Victor Hugo in Guernsey to raise money for Notre Dame

18th April 2019
Bailiwick residents can contribute to the cost of rebuilding Notre Dame in Paris following the launch of an appeal.
Following the fire earlier this week the Victor Hugo In Guernsey Society is collecting money to help the cause.
Roy Bisson from the society says the cathedral is of fundamental importance to French people.
‘I don’t think we understand the feelings the French have towards Notre Dame. We British don’t have those feelings over anywhere really, not quite the same.
‘The French were on their knees – they were praying, they were crying – it was a very moving spectacle.’
Mr Bisson says we, as an island, are part of the French community and collecting money to send to the campaign shows that.
‘I think it’s very important that the French in Guernsey, and other people who have a connection, should have an opportunity to simply and easily make a contribution towards this – no matter how much money is coming from the very rich we need to make that contribution and we need to be seen to be making it.’
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