Water supplies now ‘very healthy’

11th January 2019

Water reserves in Guernsey are in a much healthier position now, following long periods of dry weather last year.

Concerns were raised in November as water storage levels dropped to 72.4%.

However – despite rainfall levels being lower than average in December – 984 megalitres of water was collected last month, which is the equivalent of almost 400 Olympic swimming pools.

We’re told levels are now ‘very healthy’ at 93.45%.

Guernsey Water says the improved collection is a result of the utility’s investment in water catchment.

Capital Delivery Manager, Mark Walker, says:

‘Water collection management and storage is absolutely essential for the island.

‘Guernsey is fortunate to have a number of reservoirs which provide a high level of storage capacity for its population.

‘At a full capacity, we have 11 months’ supply.

‘This is much more than the Jersey equivalent, which only has enough for four to five months.

‘It is also greater than most UK water companies.

‘While we are in a relatively healthy position regarding our infrastructure for capturing and storing water, it is still important to use water wisely and to report any leaks or unknown increases in water usages.

‘Guernsey Water has no other means of generating potable water should that excessive situation ever arise, unlike Jersey which has the facility of the desalination plant that can be used to supplement excessive shortages.

‘However, through Guernsey Water’s improved infrastructure we can respond rapidly to any rainfall event and increase stocks over a relatively short period when it rains.’

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